Hair Sculptures    (human head hair and some animal fur)

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The artist constructing the sculptures and documenting photographically. The frail sculptures do not survive, but photographic prints are made of the pieces.        Below: Hair Vase of Flowers sculpture.


                                                             Winter Bush, click on for detail                                       Death of a Super Hero (hair and debris dust) click on for detail                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Photographic Prints (Hair) on Aluminum or rag paper.   most images aprox 10" x 12"



                           Bush in landscape (dustball) 10" x 12"                                                                      Torso   # 2  (natural)                                                                                                             

Flower Flight 1
Torso #1 (Avatar) Flower Flight 2 Torso #3 (Nomad #1)
Torso # 4 (xray)   Torso #9 (Alien)

   Space Mausuleum (Hair and cement sculptures)


        Print size of images without borders is 13.5" x 11.0". or  10" x 12"   Some custom sizes possible.

       For inquiries and sales email


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